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Our history

City Craftsmen has been doing custom fabrication and remodeling work for more than 25 years. Its founder Halen Parisi comes from a long line of artisans continuing a family tradition  dating back to 10th century Sicili

Who are we?

City Craftsmen LLC is a one stop shop for your remodeling, custom fabrication, custom lighting, and sound treatment needs

What are we up to?

Currently we are based in Chicago and live within the ecosystem known as Fort Knox Studios, the largest music complex on the planet. Our crew is often flown around the continental US to help studios, film sets, night clubs, and other venues with all their custom remodel and fabrication needs

What we have done!

Well for starters we built all of Fort Knox Studios and 2112; additionally we have helped with many homes with their remodels and home studio/ theater build outs.

Our talents are;

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Our works

Here's some of the projects we've worked on. Check back for more updates soon!

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Halen Parisi

Chief Executive

I learned the family trade from my father and grandfather. They taught me that "a man is only as good as his hand shake" and that "your work can out live you, so do no work you would not want to be known by."  However I was never content with just the traditional work that has been handed down generation after generation, and was always enamored by the entertainment industry and more modern aesthetics. As my career and company progressed, I learned this gave me a profound advantage in incorporating design from old world classical to new and contemporary.


I truly love what I do, and my vetted team has become and extension of my family. If you need help on remodeling, a fresh redesign of your home or business, custom fabrication, or want to treat the sound of your home or establishment, give us a call. Even if it's something we can't do, I promise we will help you get in the right direction.

Our talents are;

Our patch

Rather than a typical structure, City Craftsmen is an open company, a collective, sharing projects and ideas.  Collaboration of the best is key.  Most important, we include you in the decision making process and when co-authoring a design.

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Our team

We work hard to achieve the right combination of teamwork, focus, and excitement to do our best work in the best environment.

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Our clients

Guiding individuals, brands, and businesses to the future through insight, strategy, and ideas for you

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